Life in the Arthaus – Introduction

My latest documentary work is a project with the architecture company Lynas Smith to document life in one of the East London buildings they have redeveloped.

A 1930s theatre house, a dance hall, an artists’ studio and a gallery – the Arthaus building has a rich heritage as a space filled with people and their creations.  Five years ago, the building was transformed into a purpose-built mixed-use development, and is now home to a café, a restaurant, a yoga studio, commercial office space, private apartments and gardens.  Yet mixed-use developments such as this are a new phenomenon to emerge from the 21st century.  Here, home and work are housed side by side – nestled under the same roof in a way that is unique to the relatively recent history of how we live.

The project started as Lynas Smith moved out of one of the office spaces to a larger office nearby.