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Nothing to worry about

Sequence of B&W images exploring the subjects of urban alienation, suicide and perceived terrorist threat.
– Book project in progress.

4_Untitled-03_1080px_james_a_hudson_documentary photographer

3_Untitled-07_1080px_james_a_hudson_documentary photographer


Three Encounters

Three short sequences of B&W images from real life encounters whose subjects behaviour was influenced by the presence of the camera but not dictated by it. Photographed in 2008 & 2013.
– A5 printed booklet, with folded card cover. Designed by Pirrip Press. Limited edition of 100. Numbered & signed. Produced 2016.


1_21198-DD-30_1080px_james_a_hudson_documentary photographer


Life in the Arthaus

Documentary work focusing on the Arthaus building in East London, transformed five years ago by architecture firm Lynas Smith into a mixed-use development. Exhibited as part of the London Festival of Architecture 2016.


Visual interpretation of William Blake’s 1794 poem ‘London’. Photographed in London in 2014/2015.
– 12 A6 Lambda prints on Ilford FB Paper in an embossed presentation box with silk screened sheets by Pirrip Press. Limited edition of 9. Numbered & signed. 2016.
– Short animated film of the images by Hellicar & Lewis. 2015.

1_21198-DD-45_1080px_james_a_hudson_documentary photographer



Oily Weekends & The Last Drive

Hand stitched, Giclée printed booklet of B&W images from various vintage and classic car events photographed between 2003 and 2011 with short text. Hand stitched digitally printed colour booklet with text about the last ever drive of a 1935 Red Aston Martin to and from Brands Hatch. A5 Giclée print. Screen printed presentation box. Limited edition of 6. Numbered & signed. 2017.


Metamorphosis: Form & Change in the Ashmolean Museum

B&W images from the residency during 2010-2011 exploring the visitor object relationship.
– Quarterbound hardback book, 96 pp, 77 duotone photographs, format 285 x 190 mm. Published by The Bardwell Press. Limited edition of 350. Numbered & signed. 20 with presentation slipcase. 2016. Distributed by RRB Photobooks.
– 22 Lambda prints on Ilford FB Paper. Limited edition of 7. 2012-1016.




Three Muses

Sequence of B&W images inspired by the 3 muses of antiquity: Practice (‘born from the movement of water’), Memory (‘made sound by striking the air’) and Song (’embodied in the human voice’).
– A5 printed booklet, with folded card cover. Cover design by Adam Hayes. Limited edition of 100. Numbered & signed. 2015.

2_21198-DD-39_1080px_james_a_hudson_documentary photographer

1_21198-DD-42_1080px_james_a_hudson_documentary photographer


Last Days of the Abergavenny Livestock Market

Documentation of the last days of the livestock market in Abergavenny before its demolition. Commissioned by Monmouthshire Museums. 2013.
– 30 A5 Giclée prints. Limited edition of 20.
– 12 A3 Giclée prints. Limited edition of 7.


Skate Park Life

Collection of B&W images from various skatepark with a text by Iain Borden.
– B&W Giclée prints in different, hand painted second hand frames.
– Hand folded booklet, designed by Friction Collective. Edition of 300. Numbered & signed. 2016.

1_20987-dd-1_1080px_james_a_hudson_documentary photographer

1_21198-DD-68_1080px_james_a_hudson_documentary photographer



B&W images from various commissions and personal work looking at industry and construction photographed between 2005 & 2007.
– 6 Lamda prints on Ilford FB Paper in mixed-recycled painted frames. Limited edition of 2. Numbered & signed. 2013.


Factory workers in Honefoss, Norway, 2005.


Images from inside a foam party arranged in a changing colour sequence.
– French-folded colour booklet. Limited edition of 7. Numbered & signed. 2010.

4_21198-DD-73_1080px_james_a_hudson_documentary photographer

3_21198-DD-72_1080px_james_a_hudson_documentary photographer


Brompton World Championships

Collection of B&W images made whilst competing in the 2009 event at Blenheim Palace.
– B&W Giclée prints in recycled frames. 2010.
– Digitally printed book with cover illustration by Alice Saunders. 2010.


1_21198-DD-74_1080px_james_a_hudson_documentary photographer

Hippodrome 1988 – 2008

Collection of colour photographs taken during at the Hippodrome Circus, Gt Yarmouth in 1988 and 2008.
– Digitally printed colour book with tipped-in photographs and text. Limited edition of 20. Numbered & signed.

2_21198-DD-70_1080px_james_a_hudson_documentary photographer

2_21198-DD-71_1080px_james_a_hudson_documentary photographer