Lecture at the Royal Automobile Club

In November James gave a lecture at the Royal Automobile Club on Pall Mall in London. The subject was Black and White Photography and was delivered to members of the club’s Photography Group in the St James’s room.

The lecture covered a brief history of B&W photography, information and issues regarding printing and equipment. Then went on to detail James’s personal ‘journey’ with photography, his influences and current working process. He finished with details of how the Metamorphosis project at the Ashmolean Museum was perfectly suited to B&W photography:  the lack of colour helping visually narrow the gap between objects and viewers shown in the images.

As this was the Royal Automobile Club he also included several unpublished images from a vintage motoring event he photographed back in 2013 and finished with a slide that included some of the advice given to him over the years, including from David Alan Harvey ‘One camera, One lens’ and from Gerry Badger ‘Once you frame it you own it’.