Nothing to worry about

Sequence of B&W images exploring the subjects of urban alienation, suicide and perceived terrorist threat.
– Book project in progress.


4_Untitled-03_1080px_james_a_hudson_documentary photographer3_Untitled-07_1080px_james_a_hudson_documentary photographer


Three Encounters

Three short sequences of B&W images from real life encounters whose subjects behaviour was influenced by the presence of the camera but not dictated by it. Photographed in 2008 & 2013.
– A5 printed booklet, with folded card cover. Designed by Pirrip Press. Limited edition of 100. Numbered & signed. Produced 2016.

1_21198-DD-26_1080px_james_a_hudson1_21198-DD-30_1080px_james_a_hudson_documentary photographer


 Life in the Arthaus

Documentary work focusing on the Arthaus building in East London, transformed five years ago by architecture firm Lynas Smith into a mixed-use development. Exhibited as part of the London Festival of Architecture 2016.



 William Blake ‘London’

Visual interpretation of William Blake’s 1794 poem ‘London’. Photographed in London in 2014/2015.
– 12 A6 Lambda prints on Ilford FB Paper in an embossed presentation box with silk screened sheets by Pirrip Press. Limited edition of 9. Numbered & signed. 2016.
– Short animated film of the images by Hellicar & Lewis. 2015.


1_21198-DD-45_1080px_james_a_hudson_documentary photographer4_21198-DD-54_1080px_james_a_hudson


Oily Weekends & The Last Drive

Limited edition boxed set containing:

  • Hand stitched, Giclée printed booklet of B&W images from various vintage and classic car events photographed between 2003 and 2011 with short text.
  • Hand stitched digitally printed colour booklet with text about the last ever drive of a 1935 Red Aston Martin to and from Brands Hatch.
  • A5 Giclée print.
  • Screen printed presentation box.

Limited edition of 6. Numbered & signed. 2017.



Metamorphosis: Form & Change in the Ashmolean Museum

B&W images from the residency during 2010-2011 exploring the visitor object relationship. Relevant to documentary photography and museum studies.
– Quarterbound hardback book, 96 pp, 77 duotone photographs, format 285 x 190 mm. Published by The Bardwell Press. Limited edition of 350. Numbered & signed. 20 with presentation slipcase. 2016. Distributed by RRB Photobooks.
– 22 Lambda prints on Ilford FB Paper. Limited edition of 7. 2012-1016.




Three Muses

Sequence of B&W images inspired by the 3 muses of antiquity: Practice (‘born from the movement of water’), Memory (‘made sound by striking the air’) and Song (’embodied in the human voice’).
– A5 printed booklet, with folded card cover. Cover design by Adam Hayes. Limited edition of 100. Numbered & signed. 2015.

2_21198-DD-39_1080px_james_a_hudson_documentary photographer1_21198-DD-42_1080px_james_a_hudson_documentary photographer


Last Days of the Abergavenny Livestock Market

Documentation of the last days of the livestock market in Abergavenny before its demolition. Commissioned by Monmouthshire Museums. 2013.
– 30 A5 Giclée prints. Limited edition of 20.
– 12 A3 Giclée prints. Limited edition of 7.

John Carver in the cattle shed. Last day, Abergavenny Livestock Market, 11th December 2013.Joe Silverthorn and Mark Taylor herd sheep into pens. Last day, Abergavenny Livestock Market, 11th December 2013.


Skate Park Life

Collection of B&W images from various skatepark with a text by Iain Borden.
– B&W Giclée prints in different, hand painted second hand frames.
– Hand folded booklet, designed by Friction Collective. Edition of 300. Numbered & signed. 2016.

1_20987-dd-1_1080px_james_a_hudson_documentary photographer1_21198-DD-68_1080px_james_a_hudson_documentary photographer



B&W images from various commissions and personal work looking at industry and construction photographed between 2005 & 2007.
– 6 Lamda prints on Ilford FB Paper in mixed-recycled painted frames. Limited edition of 2. Numbered & signed. 2013.

9_20984-dd-8_1080px_james_a_hudsonFactory workers in Honefoss, Norway, 2005.



Images from inside a foam party arranged in a changing colour sequence.
– French-folded colour booklet. Limited edition of 7. Numbered & signed. 2010.

4_21198-DD-73_1080px_james_a_hudson_documentary photographer3_21198-DD-72_1080px_james_a_hudson_documentary photographer


Brompton World Championships

Collection of B&W images made whilst competing in the 2009 event at Blenheim Palace.
– B&W Giclée prints in recycled frames. 2010.
– Digitally printed book with cover illustration by Alice Saunders. 2010.

10_20807-dd-12_1080px_james_a_hudson1_21198-DD-74_1080px_james_a_hudson_documentary photographer

Currently on display at Mud Dock in Bristol.

Hippodrome 1988 – 2008

Collection of colour photographs taken during at the Hippodrome Circus, Gt Yarmouth in 1988 and 2008.
– Digitally printed colour book with tipped-in photographs and text. Limited edition of 20. Numbered & signed.

2_21198-DD-70_1080px_james_a_hudson_documentary photographer2_21198-DD-71_1080px_james_a_hudson_documentary photographer